The #1 Twist Comb in the World! The only Twist Comb that fits in your pocket, will last for years, can be CLEANED and is backed by a 2 year manufacture warranty!


All Twist it Up Styling Combs come with a 7 day return policy, minus shipping and handling, and a $1 restocking fee.

No.  Because of it’s unique design, the nylon strings are able to grasp the hair at the roots.  It is because of this technique that no matter whether your hair is picked out or not, you will always get flawless coils using our styling comb.

The Twist it Up Comb is small enough to fit in a standard pants pocket.  5.25 inches wide and about 7 inches long.


Depending on hair length and texture, 3 to 7 minutes.

Yes, this comb will work on both genders with medium to high hair textures.

Recommended for medium to high coarse hair textures.  Curly hair textures should use a good holding spray or gel wax to achieve blow out curls.

Yes.  All Twist it up Combs are backed with a 2 year warranty at no additional cost.  If your comb suffers a manufacturer defect in the first 2 years, we will replace your comb free of charge.

No, this product is very safe and easy to use.  Twist it Up is a styling comb that is design to help you embrace a natural hairstyle that is easy to manage without damaging or causing breakage to your hair.

Pomades, leave-in conditioner sprays/creams, any workable holding spray, small amounts of holding gel, or any coconut base oils.  We highly recommend Red One Gel Wax which can be found in our store.

The comb has been tested and proven to work best on hair lengths between 1/2 inch and 3 inches.

It is portable, washable, durable, and using our unique patented design gives your hair the BEST twist you’ve ever had!

Yes, but for best results we recommend using it on dry hair, then applying a hair product of your choice and then using the comb to re-twist your hair.

Yes you can.  This styling comb can be easily cleaned using warm water and a small brush.

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