The #1 Twist Comb in the World! The only Twist Comb that fits in your pocket, will last for years, can be CLEANED and is backed by a 2 year manufacture warranty!

How to Use

Helpful Trick: The Twist it Up Comb works best in your natural hair state with no hair products or just a little bit of oils. (hair should feel stiff or dry.) If your hair is extremely soft, we recommend using Red One Gel Wax or a holding spray to give your hair that added texture. This way the comb has something to grab. Once this is done, you are ready to use the Twist it Up Comb. Grab the comb by the handle or outside frame and begin rotating in a circular motion.  Counterclockwise or clockwise, every hair texture is different.  “Find your curl pattern.” The harder you press the more define the coils will look. For soft hair textures, we recommend rotating 3 – 5 times and then lifting.  Once twists/coils have formed, now you can apply your desire hair product or leave-in conditioner to soften up the hair, then re-twist!!!  Following this process will guarantee that your hair will look absolutely amazing, regardless if you have soft or high coarse hair. Please also see the tutorial videos on website under “How to Use.” or visit our instagram page for more video tutorials. 

Why Twist it Up?

The Twist it Up Comb is the number one twist comb in the world! It solves 3 major problems that our competitors failed to do.  Our comb is portable, fitting in the standard pants pocket, making it easy for 24/7 use.  It is long lasting, compared to our competitors you save HUNDREDS of dollars with just one purchase. Most importantly, it is washable.  Avoiding the scenario of having a dirty sponge touch your head. (very unsanitary)  The Twist it Up Comb allows you to embrace your natural look without any harming chemicals.  This unique styling tool provides the opportunity to enjoy a fun and professional hairstyle that is easy to maintain.  Thank you for visiting our page.  Please look at the fun hairstyles below and order your Twist it Up Styling Comb today! CLICK HERE TO ORDER


Helpful Tips

What are the Benefits?

  • All Twist it Up Combs come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY.  Just ship back the broken unit and we will send you a brand new one minus shipping and handling.  No questions asked.
  • One time buy!  The SAVINGS in that is HUGE!
  • Affordable salon quality twists/dreads for a one time cost of $30.
  • No more multiple sponges or styling tools!.
  • The comb doesn’t absorb hair products or the much needed moisture that people with afrocentric hair need. Resulting in a more healthy hair and scalp.
  • Rock this hairstyle for years with easy maintenance!
  • Easy to clean, very hygienic, ensuring a clean use on every use. 
  • You can take it with you, very convenient for touch ups.
  • The ability to have the popular dread look without shaving your head when you want to have a different hairstyle.
  • The Twist it Up Comb allows both men and women alike to define and style their twists without chemical processing.

How to Get the Best Quality?

For best quality, we highly recommend using the styling comb when your hair is dry or after applying Red One Gel Wax.

What Hair Products Work Best?

For BEST results Red One Gel Wax is the Twist it Up preferred choice. Some other recommendations include a small amount of holding gel, (penny size), a leave-in conditioner cream/spray, or any type of oil with a coconut or aloe base.  For best results, it is recommended to apply hair products only after you have already used the styling comb to form the coils.  

Dont Like Your Hair Stiff.

If you do not like your hair feeling stiff and prefer to have more of a soft look.  Use a Twist it up comb first thing in the morning when hair is dry.  Let twist form, then spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner or work in desire hair product.  Once done, grab your Twist it Up Styling Comb and begin to re-twist your hair.  We highly recommend using Red One Gel Wax for best results.  

Suggestions for Soft Hair.

If you have really soft hair, try using Red One Gel Wax or a holding spray before you twist your hair.  This will add volume to your hair and allow you to form those beautiful coils with very little effort on your part.

Counterclockwise or Clockwise Motion.

Every hair texture is different.  Feel free to rotate the comb in any circular motion, however clockwise seems to work for the majority.

“Get twists in your hair in LESS THAN 3 MINUTES!  This unique comb is the perfect innovation for anyone that wants a trendy professional hairstyle with very low maintenance .  Very easy to clean, durable, easy to put in your pocket and simple to use.  Get the perfect twists/coils with this specialty comb and embrace your natural look today.”