All Styling Combs come with a 2 year warranty, minus shipping and handling, no questions asked. 10/01/2017


About Twist it Up

The Twist it Up Comb is an innovative, ground breaking, and high quality styling tool for Urban hair.  It is the BEST & ONLY clean way to twist afrocentric hair.  Each comb is made with a strong, durable, low resistant polycarbonate frame.  Guaranteeing the longevity of this tool and ensuring it won’t bend or break under pressure.  In the center of each comb you will find a stainless steel weave pattern that is easy to clean.  This unique patented technique and design can only be found on authentic Twist it Up Styling Combs.  The stainless steel weave penetrates the hair, grabbing the roots as you rotate the comb.  This unique process causes the hair to form beautiful, long lasting, and defining coils giving you the ability to embrace your natural look.  WE ARE THE FIRST, THE ONLY, AND CANNOT BE COPIED!!!



This unique styling tool is compact enough to fit in a standard pants pocket or purse.  Making it accessible for touch ups when they are needed.  Allowing you to obtain a clean look 24/7.


The Twist it Up styling comb prides itself on being very hygienic.  It is very easy to clean.  All you need is a brush and warm soap water to ensure that with every use, you are using a clean comb.


The Twist it Up Comb is made from the highest quality of polycarbonate.  The frame is extremely durable, can survive multiple accidental falls, and one buy should last you for several years.